Oscar @ The Crown


Travel outside your comfort zone. Trust us, it’s worth the short trip.


Right off the L-Train, it’s 20 minutes door-to-door from Midtown Manhattan to The 3 Dollar Bill, home to the most Wilde Experience you can imagine. Seriously, it’s that good. And you should be here…with friends who are ready to WAACK.

Make the most of your time in Brooklyn.


Champ’s Diner, 5 min.
Roberta’s, 13 min.
Note Thai, 6 min.
The Anchored Inn, 3 min.


Tradesman, 3 min.
The Well, 1 min.
Our Wicked Lady, 6 min.
The Topaz, 5 min.


The Paper Box, 5 min.
Lion’s Roar Karaoke Lounge, 5 min.
The Graham, 7 min.

Let’s Get Wilde